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The FIFA World Cup was founded in 1971. It was designed by Silvio Gazzanigi of Italy. Made of 18-caratWorld Cup History - World Cup Trophy gold and malachite, the cup is 36 cm tall and weighs 5 kg. The sculpture depicts two triumphant football players holding a globe in their raised hands. The trophy is passed on to each winning team that gets to keep an identical (but gold-plated) replica. The making of the statue cost about $50,000, today its value is estimated to over $10,000,000. The World Cup trophy that being used today has been staged for 8 times from 1974 until 2002.

10th. WWorld Cup History - Germany 1974orld Cup (Germany, 1974) : In 1974 the world first met the Dutch “total football” side. A side brimming with players of great skill, none more than Johan Cruyff. In the final they met the host nation with their own superstar, Franz Beckenbauer. Germany ran out winners, but the Dutch side won many fans with their brand of passing football. The World-Cup in 74 was known as the rock and roll football, a lot of the players were having long hair and beard. They were rebellious and seemed laid back.

11th. World Cup (Argentina, 1978) : FIFA wanted to continue with alternating The World-CupWorld Cup History - Argentina 1978 between Europe and South-America, but that proved difficult as fewer countries in South-America were equipped to host such a big arrangement. The choice of Argentina was a crisis solution. They had the capacities to be hosts, but the economical and political situations were problems. Because of these issues it was important that this arrangement went well for Argentina. The tournament itself was not of high standard as stars as Beckenbauer had retired and Cruyff did not show up. England had not qualified and Brazil was rebuilding their side. Argentina won the championship as hosts.

12th. World Cup (Spain, 1982) : The World-Cup in 82 was remarkable in many ways. It seemed like World Cup History - Spain 1982the Spanish team suffered under the pressure of playing on home ground. And the two teams who ended up in the final, was the teams who suffered the hardest critics in the early rounds. In this World-Cup the discipline prevailed and Italy and West-Germany met in the final. Italy won the final 3-1, while the rest of the world cried for France and Brazil.


13th. World Cup (Mexico, 1986) : Diego Armando Maradona is the name everybody remembersWorld Cup History - Mexico 1986 after Mexico 86. He stunned the world, after he almost on his own won the championships for Argentina. They beat Federeal Republic of Germany 3-2 in the final, and never before had one player had such influence in a victory. He scored five incredible goals and had a lot of assists. Maybe the greatest footballer of all time.

14th. World Cup (Italy, 1990) : It was 56 years since Italy last hosted the World-Cup. Italy, with their World Cup History - Italy 1990“Squadra Azzura” and their famous “tifosi” was the natural favourites. Argentina, East-Germany and Brazil were also hungry for a gold medal. Italys dream ended when Maradona sent them out in the semi finals. Argentina met West-Germany and lost 1-0.


15th. World Cup (USA, 1994) : In many ways the World-Cup in USA represented something new. For World Cup History - USA 1994the first time it was hosted in another place than Europe and South-America and also the first time in a country were the interest was rather small. And Norway was qualified for the first time in modern time. Brazil and Italy clashed together in the final. Italy, led by Roberto Baggio struggled through after beating Bulgaria in the semi finals. Brazil, led by striker Romario and Bebeto sent Sweden out in the semi. For the first time the final ended 0-0, and a penalty shootout had to decide a winner. Brazil won for the fourth time with Roberto Baggio missing one of them.

16th. World Cup (France, 1998) : France is one of football world powers even though their national World Cup History - France 1998league is rather poor. FIFA was created in an alley in Paris in 1904, UEFA was created by Frenchmen. Because of that France was chosen as World-Cup hosts. This World-Cup should be the big breakthrough for the French playmaker Zinedine Zidane (Zizou). Norway shocked the world by beating Brazil in the first round. Even though Brazil passed through and made it to the final. They faced a strong French side and lost 3-0 after two goals by Zidane.

17th. World Cup (Japan and South Korea, 2002) : For the very first time the World-CupWorld Cup History - Korea And Japan 2002 went in Asia. And for the very first time it was split between two nations, Co-host Japan and South-Korea. Argentina was the big favorite, followed by the title holders France, and as always Brazil. But this tournament turned up to be a big failure to the big team. The title holder, France were defeated by Senegal by a solitary goal in the opening match. Both France and Argentina failed to qualify through the first rounds. And an incredible comeback of Ronaldo helped Brazil to the final. In the final Brazil faced Germany and won 2-0 after two goals by Ronaldo.


18th. World Cup (Germany, 2006) : FIFA World Cup 2006The FIFA World Cup was last held in Germany in 1974. Italy win the tournament on penalties against 10-man France - who had Zinedine Zidane sent off for a headbutt in extra-time. The Italian won for a record of fourth time in their history one fewer than Brazil, and it was the first time they managed to win a World Cup match on penalties after three failed attempts.

19th. World Cup (South Africa, 2010) : Spain won their first World Cup Title beating Netherland at extra time. Spain hero Andres Iniesta, Barcelona midfielder scored in the 116th minute against the Netherlands as Vicente del Bosque's side went on to triumph 1-0. Spanish fans celebrated as they left Soccer City stadium for the last time, as victors of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

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